‘Angry Birds’ themed evening!

Last Wednesday, the young people were able to enjoy an ‘Angry Birds’ themed evening of games and fun.

What an exciting night we had! The games ranged from simple character games to making their own giant hideouts to a full-scale ‘Angry Birds’ game complete with giant boxes and throwing ‘angry animals!’ Even the leaders joined in the hilarity and all agreed that it was an amazing evening!

In the middle of the evening, Matt shared a passionate testimony with the young people. ‘What’s a testimony?’ I hear you ask…well, it’s the story of what God has done in someone’s life and how He has changed their life forever. It is their story of realising they’re a sinner before a Holy God and the incredible love of God in sending His only Son, Jesus Christ to die in their place. Matt was able to tell the young people how he’s changed since being a Christian and the amazing things God has done for him.