Hello KiC Clubbers!!  Apologies for the delay in this latest post. We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely half term this past week, wherever you have been and whatever you have been doing.   We thought it would be nice to simply summarise the highlights (as far as we […]

Summer term – 1st half

Last Wednesday (1st November), KiC Club restarted with a GIANT BOARD GAME themed evening! To the children’s delight, the church hall was transformed into a game board and the children were split into teams and (with the help of coloured cones as hats!) became the playing pieces! By rolling an […]


We enjoyed the last KiC Club of the Autumn half term on Wednesday.  The children were divided into two teams for an evening of It’s A Knock-Out.  They competed in games such as ‘ping pong darts’, ‘no-hands ball relay’ and ‘gutter ball’ – it’s fair to say the leaders enjoyed it […]

Half Term break

Last Wednesday, the young people were able to enjoy an ‘Angry Birds’ themed evening of games and fun. What an exciting night we had! The games ranged from simple character games to making their own giant hideouts to a full-scale ‘Angry Birds’ game complete with giant boxes and throwing ‘angry […]

‘Angry Birds’ themed evening!

We welcomed the children of KiC Club back last Wednesday, and were delighted to add FOUR new children to the group who have come up from Monday Club.  The children enjoyed learning two new games last week. Here is the plan of events for the term up to Christmas.  You […]

Our Autumn Term Plan