Half Term break

We enjoyed the last KiC Club of the Autumn half term on Wednesday.  The children were divided into two teams for an evening of It’s A Knock-Out.  They competed in games such as ‘ping pong darts’, ‘no-hands ball relay’ and ‘gutter ball’ – it’s fair to say the leaders enjoyed it as much as the children I would say!!

We finished the evening by concluding our look at the book of Jonah.  We recapped how Jonah thought he could run away and hide from God, how that was futile and how God eventually used Jonah to speak to the people living in the City of Nineveh – and how they turned to God, apologised for their sin and promised to follow God’s commands & live for Him.  The book of Jonah is an amazing look at how powerful and yet how merciful God is to sinners, those who have chosen to forget God.

We look forward to welcoming your lovely children back to KiC Club on Wednesday 1st November, and would just remind you of both the Light Party on 28th October (if you have signed-up!) and the video night for the family on Tuesday 31st October, where a video of Martin Luther’s life 500 years ago will be projected.