Summer term – 1st half

Hello KiC Clubbers!!  Apologies for the delay in this latest post.

We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely half term this past week, wherever you have been and whatever you have been doing.


We thought it would be nice to simply summarise the highlights (as far as we saw them!!) from the past half term at KiC Club…

WE MADE SLIME!  Who knew that shaving foam and contact lens solution could do so much?!  The children enjoyed experimenting with different colours, and some added glitter for that little sparkle.

We enjoyed an evening of ‘free games’ where the children could choose what they wanted to do in smaller groups, from Connect 4 to Twister to pool to table tennis – I think we have the future European Connect 4 champion in our midst!

WE MADE PIZZA – we hope the children enjoyed eating it as much as they enjoyed making it – pineapple on pizza is always such a dividing subject!

We enjoyed a night of ‘word games’ and another of ‘Family Fortunes’ – we then had a request for maths/numbers-related evening at some point, which was greeted with a mixed response from that individual’s peers!

We finished the term with a relaxed movie night, where we watched the Lego Batman movie with some small snacks.

Through the term we looked at several verses from the Bible in our short story time, that showed how obedience to God is the best way to live our life, and that Jesus’ obedience to his Father God led to him living a perfect life.  We used a story about a squirrel named Timidy to illustrate the points.  We thought about how Jesus’ perfect life meant that he could legitimately be our substitute when he died on the cross and rose again, if we choose to follow Him and live our life for His glory.

Thank you for sending your children to KiC Club, we have enjoyed seeing them each Wednesday and seeking to give them a fun time.  We look forward to welcoming the young people back this Wednesday.